Offering a range of specialised services, GSL is a one-stop-solution for all your logistical needs. Our broad service portfolio includes :

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    GSL is proud to offer state-of-the-art warehouses for both Cool and Cold temperatures, meeting any seasonal, temporary or long-term storage requirements

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    Freight Forwarding

    Our roots have been in Freight Forwarding since 1975 and we have championed this part of industry in the UAE

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    With our vast range of services and skills, we are able to integrate any distribution model to meet every logistics need

  • Transportation

    Fundamental to any logistics operation is transportation. GSL offers a comprehensive suite of transportation management services.

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    Value Added Services

    GSL can provide a host of value added services that complement our handling and storage functions

  • Business Technology

    IT infrastructure and solutions are an important tool for any organisation. For GSL, it is a core function; the group’s IT department is actually resident in our offices


GSL provides end-to-end logistics services across industries such as :


    At GSL, we understand the sensitivity of the F&B supply chain logistics. As well as those products that require JIT inventory management, there are also many differing products to consider, which are period sensitive (day/week/month/season).

  • FMCG

    Having worked with many of the world’s leading brands, GSL knows the FMCG market and its specific demands. As a result, we have many happy clients (and their customers)


    We understand the needs of this industry. As a result of our high quality and high care services, GSL has become an integral part of furniture warehousing for many global companies


    As well as experiencing many of the challenges of other industries, retail has never been so competitive, creating additional demands which need to be solved…


    With GSL’s extensive range of supply chain logistics offerings, are able to put together a portfolio of services to meet all the needs of our clients and their customers, in the consumer electronics industry


    Our visibility and monitoring supports an additional array of services at every stage of the supply chain, which can be specifically tailored to the needs of all companies working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector


    GSL is able to offer a single window into a client’s entire automotive industry supply chain – from parts collection at the supplier to final car delivery to the dealer


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