The biggest logistics challenge for the automotive manufacturing industry is managing cost of inventory versus availability:

The requirement for an enormous and very costly volume of parts inventory, to ensure zero parts shortages (risking many ending  up out of date)


The business and financial case for minimising expensive stock holdings, with the risk that parts shortages cause customer satisfaction issues

Due to the large volumes of different parts that need to be stocked, even with an efficient JIT system, the costs can be astronomical. With the high levels of competition in this market, expensive multi-sourced inventories have to be minimised. This is where a highly experienced logistics partner, working as a trusted advisor needs to be brought into the equation.

GSL has a range of solutions that can be packaged to overcome these challenges and meet the specific business requirements of our clients.

For vehicles, we are able to offer integrated solutions that combine ocean transportation with PDI (Pre-Distribution Inspection), processing and final dealer delivery.

For parts, our systems and personnel are able to be closely integrated with our clients. We follow the practice of JIT to reduce inventories and employ our real-time inventory systems to know where and when parts can be sourced.

GSL is able to offer a single window into a client’s entire automotive industry supply chain – from parts collection at the supplier to final car delivery to the dealer.

Dependant on the needs of our client, our automotive service can support the entire product life cycle of a vehicle.