Global Shipping and Logistics (GSL), pharm Dubai is the only Third Party Logistics or 3PL service provider to offer both bonded warehousing and non-bonded warehousing storage within the same compound.

Global Shipping and Logistics (GSL), pharmacy Dubai warehouse and inventory systems have been audited and found fulfilling the requirements for being used as Custom Bonded Warehousing by Dubai Customs.

As a dedicated third party warehousing provider we constantly endeavor to reduce your total costs and improve your cash flows. By utilizing energy efficient systems with lesser kilowatt usage we are able to reduce storage costs, we guarantee that the quality, safety and service of our customers’ products are never compromised in our quest to reduce costs.

Logistics can offer customers more ways to differentiate their products and create more flexibility in their responses to consumers demands and needs. Having your goods closer to the point of consumption allows for more flexibility and shorter lead times.

Our bonded facilities provide financial and operational benefits in addition to new business opportunities:

  • Dedicated bonded warehousing areas located outside of the Free Zone, closer to the market.
  • Customs duty payment deferred to a need-only basis
  • Reduced double handling
  • Maximised opportunities for goods re-working, kitting and re-packaging
  • Quicker to market regionally