Once upon a time, medical customers could only chose one of either; the highest quality, fastest supply, or cost effective prices. The electronics industry, in particular, demands all three without compromise. In this complex business, there are good reasons why the supply chain needs to be effective:

  • Accelerated product life-cycles
  • Speed to market
  • Global manufacture, supply, distribution and retailing
  • Risk-free, well-managed supply chain
  • Cost efficiencies, cost reduction and yes, anything to do with lowering costs

With GSL’s extensive range of supply chain logistics offerings, we are able to put together a portfolio of services to meet all the needs of our clients and their customers in the consumer electronics industry.

There are a number of services that organisations in the Electronics Industry typically require, which we are able to deliver and these are:

  • Parts procurement support
  • Parts stock management
  • Pick & pack and kitting operations
  • JIT delivery to customers
  • Stock management of finished goods
  • Export and import operations
  • Aftermarket parts logistics
  • E-commerce
  • and many other value-added services.

Whether you choose our industry leading services for this market, or opt for tailor-made solutions based on your specific requirements, you can monitor, in real-time, your supply chain and our performance.

We offer you maximum visibility for maximum peace of mind.