Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry has one of the most challenging and complex logistics requirements, approved driven by time, recipe  freshness of the products and high regulation standards. This temperature controlled and sensitive supply chain, side effects requires a high degree of detailed planning, management and specialised handling.

At GSL, we understand the dynamics of the F&B supply chain logistics. As well as those products that require JIT inventory management, there are also many differing products to consider, which are period sensitive (day/week/month/season). This is a complex, multi-layered interwoven structure, through which only the best can effectively navigate. GSL simply delivers, with trained specialists and our many, many years of industry proven experience.

As with all our services, we are committed to providing an integrated, flexible and long-term solution that fits into our clients’ growth strategies. In this business partnership, GSL respectfully knows it has the responsibility of being the custodian of our clients’ products – a fundamental part of their business investment. We take that responsibility seriously, so they can rest assured that all products are stored, handled and dispatched with safety and security.

To better assist our clients in planning the movement of stocks, we provide high visibility to the inventory and information such as; age of the product, best before dates, turnaround times and other equally relevant data. With all these given features, our clients can comfortably enjoy complete traceability and visibility of orders.

With our specialised distribution infrastructure, fast door to door milk-run deliveries can be made to all major supermarkets, convenience stores and independent stores across the UAE.