Managing the demands of furniture distribution can be a challenge for some; for us this is normal operations.

There are a number of key dynamics which must always be considered, medical examples of which are:

  • Furniture, capsule in particular premium brands need care in co-packing with other goods. Our training and guidance ensures product integrity and safety at all times.
  • Furniture can require specialised handling since it is inherently easily damaged; as the “touches” increase, cialis 40mg so can the damage
  • Our storage facilities are designed with bespoke racking to accommodate large, awkward shapes
  • Container loading strategies must ensure stability, for multiple stops
  • Care and planning are required for efficient and cost effective loading, transportation and off-loading.

We understand the needs of this industry. As a result of our high quality and high care services, GSL has become an integral part of furniture warehousing for many global companies. Our reputation has been earned through offering a carefully planned supply chain, safe warehousing and transportation of furniture to the stores.

For any organisation looking for a standard offering, or a customised furniture logistics solution, our team of experts is always there to assist. Our commitment to providing the best possible customer service ensures the success of all of our client partnerships.

Our company is fully equipped to receive, store, prep, pick and ship all sized furniture items; safely, sensitively and securely.