The delicate nature and handling requirements of many pharmaceutical and healthcare goods, page demand:

  • High levels of monitoring
  • High levels of security and safety
  • Specialised logistics services
  • Temperature controlled and recorded containers
  • Understanding of and compliance with, pharmacy local and international, viagra buy codes of practice, laws and regulations
  • Throughout the supply chain, visibility of every sensitive item
  • Handling training for Specialised Products

Also, given the evolving nature of the healthcare industry, there is a need for specialist transportation solutions to guarantee product integrity from door to door.

We are able to adjust our logistics services to meet the specific needs of this particular sector and organisations operating therein. Our proven processes, integrated into our quality management system and standard operating procedures, make any packaging of services a straightforward operation.

Our visibility and monitoring supports an additional array of services at every stage of the supply chain, which can be specifically tailored to the needs of all companies working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.